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Flip Book Studio Hire London
18 December

Flip Book Studio Hire London

The trials and tribulations of a Flip Book Studio technician.


We were recently commissioned for our flip book studio hire to a Celebrity 21st  Birthday Party in central London, nothing out of the ordinary there we all thought.

Being on a Friday evening in Central London, we are paranoid about being late, so always tend to run early for events. When we were just 5 minutes away from the venue, we received a phone call from the young ladies father telling us the party was cancelled !

No reason was given, only ‘she doesn’t deserve it’ and we were not about to pry for information. As we were only 5 mins away from the venue, after a 2 ½ hour journey, we informed the customer we would still need to have our paperwork signed to that effect, which he was pleased to do. So it was a u-turn and another 2 ½ hour journey on the way back again.

We felt really sorry for the whole situation as a lot of time had been spent perfecting the artwork for the bespoke exterior panels on the studio and artwork for the personalised covers. It’s not as though she can use it next year either.

We hope that everything works out for her, as the ‘punishment’ dished out by her father meant she certainly missed out on a spectacular flip book party piece.

Another reason why we were so disappointed, Is the fact that we genuinely enjoy our jobs as flip book tecnicians as we get to see so many sights and visit so many places.

Everywhere we go, we get the same response from our clients – Loving the Flip Books !

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