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Our Flip Book Photo Booths
23 March

Our Flip Book Photo Booths

We get asked so many times what are Flip Books?
Do you remember when you were a child and you drew a small picture in the corner of your school book and on the following page you drew the same picture but in a slightly different position, then again on the next page and so on? Well, we have taken the concept a little further and shoot a 7 second video, then turn that video into a dedicated book which includes various frames of the video that has just been taken. 

Our equipment has changed slightly over the years but the same high quality remains at the heart of everything we do. For 2016 we have introduced a new ‘column’ which houses the camera, touchscreen and lighting that is covered in mirrors (which the ladies love!) and a lot slimmer than its predecessor. This was born out of needing a solution to the problem of crowds wanting to view the action as it happened, confirming that it is a spectator event as well as a participant event. Our technician staff that are constantly making flip books for the crowd that have just had their 7 second videos taken, are also responsible for entertaining the awaiting crowds that always congregate around the Flip Book Photo Booth that we take literally everywhere with us. As we visit various cities throughout the UK and Europe, it is also easier to transport than the light up ‘pod’ that we have used for so many years.

Something that is a little different to the budget suppliers of flip books hire, is that our flip books or sometimes called flick books hire, consist of every page being printed on the same HQ glossy photographic paper as the covers. Using the best professional printers, this produces a better image and also gives a better ‘flip’ which outlasts the budget versions that are normally printed on A4 copy paper. We also find that guests and customers keep our Flip Books a lot longer than the ‘throw away’ books that are sometimes created. We have spoken to a customer recently that has a flipbook we created over 3 years ago and has been flipped thousands of times!

Above: A typical Wedding Flip Book set up

We can also provide the crowd queuing seat belt barriers which, if you are expecting a large crowd, are indispensable in keeping order at the event. We find that when we use these barriers, the queue naturally forms and everyone can easily see the action unfolding and you can see the guests in the queue discussing what they are going to do when it is their turn in front of the camera. We really ought to film the queue as it is quite entertaining watching them getting excited as their turn gets nearer.
Spare equipment is also carried, just in case of emergencies as you never know when you may need a spare camera or printer. We regularly carry out inspections of our equipment to ensure everything is working as it should and various items are replaced, regardless of whether the component is worn out or not. Something we do not want is a component failure at an event, even though we are prepared in the eventuality that something could arise.
An interesting point that often comes up is about parking. As we travel everywhere in large Mercedes Sprinter vans, which is a necessity due to the amount of equipment we take with us, the parking in London and major cities is challenging to say the least. Over the last few years, we have built up quite a database of where we can actually park our vehicles close to various destinations in various cities.

We are full time professionals within our trade and not part time ‘entrepreneurs’ which may be one of the reasons why big companies such as Wembley Stadium, Vogue, Coca-Cola, various high end establishments and authorities trust us with their events and reputation. We also supply to Weddings and parties where the host is looking for the ‘next big thing’ to have at their event.

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