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Photo Booth Cowboys

Useful Tips to try and avoid the Cowboys…


We get so many calls from customers that say ‘The Photo Booth company we booked, has cancelled our booking, can you help?’

Even though we try our best, we cannot help everyone that phones last minute.

If we cannot be of assistance, the following is a helpful guide to try and help you avoid the Photo Booth Cowboys.

We know full well how important it is for your Photo Booth to not only turn up, but to look stunning and perform faultlessly. Usually it's the centre piece of any party.

How do you explain to your guests that the Photo Booth is not turning up? What do you do then ? Have you got a Plan B ?

Does the company have public liability insurance? It is not a legal requirement to have it but it certainly puts your mind at rest. Most companies will have £1m public liability insurance for their Photo Booths or will they ? Are they willing to show you their certificates ? Kool Booths have £5 million Public Liability Insurance and you can always see our Insurance documentation when we arrive to deliver your Booth. 

Does the company display their landline phone number or just a mobile? Mobiles are easily be turned off and could be ANYWHERE. Our land-line is 01480 390752.

How long has said company been running for? Do your homework and if there is anything suspicious DO NOT BOOK.

Does the company you choose have valid test certificates for their units ?

Does the company website only carry stock photos ? This may suggest the company is outsourcing the work, do not be afraid to ask them.

Ask the company what type of Photo Booth will be attending YOUR event. Are there photos of it in action on their website ? We are not joking when we say there are several ‘Booths’ that are simply a camera on a tripod with a curtain around it ! Is that the kind of experience you want your guests to have ?

Find out whether the hirer provides a full personalisation service and also ask how old their equipment is.

Is the company able to tell you immediately if the Photo Booth is available for a date? It may suggest they are outsourcing if they have to check and get back to you.

Does your chosen company have the correct CRB documentation ? Don’t be afraid to ask to see it. 

Are their prices too good to be true ? In our experience they normally are !

We have learned that several companies have advertised low prices and accepted bookings. When they manage to get bookings at higher prices, they then cancel the cheaper bookings. We know it is disgusting practice, but it is also the gamble you take.

Type in the company name in to Google. Do any bad reviews pop up?

Check to see if the hirer is a member of any trade associations or bodies either by asking them or visiting their website. These schemes have a code of ethics and are paid memberships so it's a good indication they're a serious operator.

We have spoken about outsourcing in a not particularly great light. We don't doubt it's successful for some companies and things go smoothly. However, we believe it's best if you know who you are dealing with and have their details to hand.

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